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October 2019 News Letter Don't Close Your Eyes! 

November 2019 Newsletter A Tale of Two Markets
 March 2020 Newsletter Our Train Has Finally Come In.

 June 2020 Newsletter The Real Estate Market is on Fire?
July 2020 Newsletter Sorry, No Results Found
August 2020 Newsletter Speculation
September 2020 Newsletter Cautionary Tale
October 2020 Newsletter Zillow or Trulia?
November 2020 Newsletter Your Real Estate Will Out Live You

December 2020 Newsletter Endless Spring. The Search for the Perfect Time to Sell
January 2021 News Letter A Year of Remarkable Numbers in High Desert Real Estate
February 2021 News Letter Is the Wave of Foreclosures Coming?
March 2021 News Letter The Bid To Win
April 2021 News Letter Psst...It's a Great Time to Sell

May 2021 News Letter Inventory Insanity

June 2021 News Letter Undesirable Property
July 2021 News Letter Your Burning Real Estate Questions

August 2021 News Letter Driving the Speed Limit
September 2021 News Letter What is Title Fraud

October 2021 News Letter Is It Time to Be Reasonably Unreasonable

November 2021 News Letter Make Sure You are Doing Good Deeds

December 2021 News Letter Zisaster
January 2022 News Letter 2022 Graphs and Headlines
February 2022 News Letter Fortune Telling the Future Also Known as Forecasting

March 2022 News Letter Bankruptcy Coming Back to Haunt You!

April 2022 News Letter Interest Rates Inflation Gas Prices Recession Oh May!
May 2022 News Letter A Real Estate Market Moving at Ludicrous Speed
June 2022 News Letter Oh Shift!

July 2022 News Letter Fairytales & Dreams
August 2022 News Letter It's All About Trust
September 2022 News Letter Searching for Balance

October 2022 News Letter Perspective

November 2022 News Letter No One Sells at the Top and No One Buys at the Bottom

December 2022 News Letter How Should I Take Title to My Real Estate
January 2023 New Letter: Zillow or Trulia
February 2023 News Letter 2022 year in Headlines
March 2023 News Letter: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...
April 2023 News Letter: If  You Are Not Confused Then You Have Not Been Paying Attention
May 2023 News Letter: 2020, 2021 Again?

June 2023 News Letter: Transfer on Death Deed

July 2023 News Letter: What is Title Fraud
August News Letter: Fraudsters Are Trying to Steal Your Land 

September News Letter: How the Real Estate Market Works
October News Letter: High Desert Not a Good Place to Invest?
November News Letter: How Much of the American Dream Does Wall Street Own?

December News Letter: Did You Buy at the Wrong Time?
January News Letter: 2023 Year in Headlines
February News Letter: Love Title and Real Estate
March News Letter: Buyers Beware
April News Letter: The Power of Attorney
May 2024 News Letter: How Hot is Your Zip Code
June 2024 News Letter: The Last Mile Problem In Real Estate.